In today’s tech-driven globe, Internet of Things ( IoT ) has become a hot topic.

    A powerful cloud computing structure, supported by a seamless mixing of sensors and actuators with the surrounding setting, is making the objects network a reality.

World where all the devices and appliances are connected to a network and are used collaboratively to achieve complex tasks that required a high degree of intelligence.

   Internet of Things is an interaction between the physical and digital worlds using sensors and actuators.

IoT is expanding to distinct fields from SMART wearable to SMART cities, from national life to sectors :

Devices we already use , using connectivity in new ways , previously inactive, but now intelligent and Completely new .

Completely new devices

HOW’s it working?

  • Devices and objects are connected to IoT platforms with sensors.
  • According to the proprietor, they obtain the information from distinct machines and apply that data analytics.
  • These strong IoT platforms perform accurate analytics depending on the information provided by the proprietor.

Application of IoT

      Smart Home Automation

      Smart Security Solutions

      Smart Health Care

      Smart Wearables

And we expect to see their apps on the transportation system or smart power grids of a city in the near future.

Some of the popular IoT development tools are :

           Arduino eclipse


    So, anyone who is internet fascinated and understands the basics of programming languages such as C, C++ and has a general idea of embedded systems can build a career on the internet of things.

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