Share your printer on the internet the most effective method

we can send the print jobs in Local Network to the shared printer that is connected to the computer . All you need to do is ensure that your computer is always on and connected to the local network.

Now imagine a slightly different scenario where your local printer is connected to your computer as before and you would like to share this printer with people outside your home network.

For example, your friends might be in another country, city, and still be able to send print jobs to your printer over the internet.

Step Procedure on the Internet
to share your printer

#1: Connect your printer to Cloud Print

  • Open Google Chrome, select Tools -> Options (or Preferences) -> Under the hood and access Google Cloud Print.
  • Select “ Finish printer registration” and access all printers connected to the computer via the Internet via Google Cloud Print.

#2: Share your printer with friends

  • Click “ Manage your Printers “, select the Printers option and then highlight the name of the printer which you want to share with the outside world.
  • Click the Share button, enter the email addresses of your friends and Share. It’s as easy as sharing a Google Docs document with someone in read-only mode.

#3: How can others send print jobs?

  • Your friend, with whom you shared the impression, must log in to with your Google account and accept the “shared printer”.
  • Then, click the big “Print” button on the Cloud Print website, upload a file and print using the shared printer. It is so

Your friend can also send your mobile phone files to print.

This process doesn’t require a complicated network and it doesn’t matter if they send print jobs from a Windows, Linux or Mac system because everything works within the browser. It works!

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