How to update android : Check and install android updates

Updating Android on nearly all mobile devices is very easy. Usually, however, developers / producers do not send updates to Android. Updates to security are more common and can be downloaded easily.

   For all Android mobile devices, software updates are essential. It’s a shame that many of these don’t get basic security updates, forget about Android operating system updates. How to update Android is a common issue raised by a number of people. There is no single answer to this current question, as the manufacturer’s precise steps vary. If you wonder how to update Android on your device, this guide will show you the basic steps, but the precise technique may be slightly different.

How to get Android updated

Follow these basic steps on your device for updating the Android version. On some phones, we have verified these steps, but if your phone uses a user interface other than Android, these steps may vary.

1. Open the settings for your Android

      By dragging down the notifications panel from the top of the home screen you can find this gear-shaped icon. Scroll to the menu end and tap Device. Depending on the device, you can tell it by phone or tablet.

      You may need to tap System and then Advanced if you don’t see “About Device.”

2. Press the update of the system. You can say manually updating software or downloading updates.

  •   Tap Check for updates now or check for them.

3. Press Update Check. Depending on the device, the wording can vary.

Press Accept if confirmation is requested.

 Now, if there’s one, you’ll see an update. Press Install and Download.

4.  If an update is available, press Download or Yes. You will start downloading the update to your device. We recommend downloading updates while connecting to a wireless network because they can be quite large.

                  You can try it later if there are no updates available.

5.    Tap Install now after the update is downloaded. To make it available, the update may take some time to download the installation option.

      Once the download is complete, this will update the Android version on your mobile device. During the update process, the device can be restarted several times, so don’t worry. If after step 4 nothing happens, it means that the device is probably in the manufacturer’s latest Android version.

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