How can I find the wifi router IP address?

If you are attempting to update the existing router firmware or need to protect the wireless network with an even more powerful password, first you need to know the router’s exact IP address to access the various configurations.

It’s not an issue. There are at least two simple ways to quickly determine the router’s IP address.

Now most routers ‘ default IP address is or, but in some cases at the time of installation it may have changed the default IP address and unfortunately does not remember that value anymore.

Find the wifi router ip address in Windows System

Option 1: Go to Start-> Run in the Windows Run box and enter the following command.

cmd /k ipconfig

The IP address marked as “Default Gateway” is the router’s IP address.

Option 2: reopen the Windows Run box and type the traceroute command as shown below:

cmd /k tracert

The IP address that appears in the traceroute register on the first hop is the router’s IP address.

Find the wifi router ip address on Mac

The process for determining the router’s IP address is slightly different if you are using a Mac. Open the application Mac Terminal and execute the following command:

route -n get default

Note the value “default gateway,” which is the router’s address.

If nothing works, you may need to reset the router to factory settings, which will reset your IP address back to (Search with your router model in Google to get accurate value).

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