How to connect MySQL to C#

       MySQL provides a number of classes in the MySQL Connector / Net to connect the MySQL database to a C #application. A MySqlConnection object routes all communications between a C #application and the MySQL server. Therefore, a MySqlConnection object must be instantiated , configured and opened before the application can communicate with the server.

Download MySQL Connector / Net

From the MySQL developer website you can download MySQL Connector / Net for free.

Click the link below…. Download MySQL Connector / Net

      You need to add the MySQL reference to your project before you start connecting your application to MySql. To do this, right-click on the project name, select Add Reference and select “MySql. Data” from the project name.

Next, in your C #project, you need to add MySql Library.

Use MySql. Data. MySqlClient; C #MySQL connection string myConnectionString=’ server= localhost; database= SDB1;uid= Pad;pwd= xyz321;’

C# program

MySqlConnection object, assigning the connection string and opening the connection.

using System;

using System.Windows.Forms;

using MySql.Data.MySqlClient;

namespace WindowsApplication


   public partial class FormA : Form


       public FormA()




       private void bb1_Click(object sender, EventArgs ex)


           string connetionString = null;

           MySqlConnection cnn ;

                       connetionString = “server=localhost;database=SDB1;uid=Pad;pwd=xyz321;”;

           cnn = new MySqlConnection(connetionString);




              MessageBox.Show (“Connection Open !!! “);



           catch (Exception ex)


               MessageBox.Show(“Can not open connection !!! “);





More servers:

myConnectionString = Server=server001, server002;database=SDB1;uid=Pad;pwd=xyz321;”;

Specifying the TCP port


The default port for MySql is 3306 and the value will be ignored if you use a Unix socket.

Note: MySQL Connector / Net is not compatible with Microsoft products ‘ Express versions, including Visual Web Developer from Microsoft.

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