Essential Mac apps and utilities for 2019 ( Mac OS)

If you’re a new Mac user or an experienced veteran trying to do more, you’ll need to download a collection of essential Mac applications and utilities to your computer.

These apps, many of which are free and created by external developers. This will help you be more productive and do things you can’t do on your Mac otherwise.

The Best Apps for MAC :

       All the mac apps listed below are compatible with the current Mac OS version of Yosemite.

Let’s begin

1. Duo Screen :

Use an additional screen for your Mac with your iPad or iPhone. we can connect the iOS device to the Mac with the USB cable and interact Mac apps using the touch screen.

2. Knock :

Just by touching your iPhone or Apple Watch screen without entering a password, you can unlock your Mac.

3.  Application cleaning :

It is not enough to remove the .dmg file. App Cleaner can help if you plan to uninstall a successful Mac application.

4. :

Send files and folders of any size to another device from your Mac, whether it’s a Windows PC, iPhone, iPad, Android phone or the Mac itself.

5.  Show:

This is a useful Mac Windows management application that allows you to use configurable keyboard shortcuts to move and resize windows. You can also move multi-screen windows.

6.   HiddenMe:

If the desktop of your Mac is full of folders and files, all the icons can be hidden with a single click or a keyboard shortcut.

7.  iBrowse:

In this Finder-like application, access files and folders from your iPhone or iPad and easily copy images, videos and other files from your iOS device to your Mac.

8.  Download Shuttle:

A download manager for your Mac dividing the file into several parts and downloading individual parts for faster downloads simultaneously. You can also pause downloads and resume them.

9.   Toggl:

Time tracking software in the status bar for fast access for your Mac. Adding #hashtags to activities and synchronizing their tracked hours with the web.

10. Fluid:

Turn your favorite website into a real Mac desktop application in the Applications folder and start searching for Spotlight.

11. Transmit:

The perfect Mac OS X FTP client that works easily. It is possible to create droplets to instantly upload files from anywhere to favorite destinations.

12. Caffeine:

Help stay awake for your Mac. To prevent the Mac from automatically entering sleep mode or obscuring the screen while watching videos, click the caffeine icon in the menu bar.

13. NoSleep:

As soon as you close the lid, your MacBook falls asleep. Even when the cover is closed, the NoSleep extension will keep the screen active, so you can continue downloading files over the network.

14. Air browser:

Put your favorite websites in the menu bar so that you can access them with a single click from any screen. You can configure sites to update automatically when they are opened.

15. MacDropAny:

You can easily use Dropbox or Google Drive to synchronize any Mac folder without having to move it to a common folder.

16.Control of oneself–Stop procrastination :

This open source application is a Mac application that temporarily blocks access to websites that waste time, emails and distract you.

17. Gas mask:

This is a Mac host file editor that can help you block access from your computer permanently to certain websites.

18. BootChamp:

BootChamp will save you a few clicks if you installed Windows on Mac via Apple Bootcamp. Add a menu bar icon to restart your computer directly in Windows mode without pressing any keys during startup.

19. Pixel Winch:

An easy-to-use screen measurement application for capturing an area screenshot and then using integrated controls to measure the size of any internal element, irrespective of size.

20. Buffer:

From the same menu bar you can easily publish status updates, share links and pictures simultaneously on multiple social websites.

21. PushBullet:

A universal solution for all your devices, including Mac, to copy and paste. Copy something to your phone and it will be available in the Mac clipboard as soon as possible and vice versa.

22. Sync:

From BitTorrent creators, Sync helps you to keep all your computer and mobile device files and folders synchronized, but without cloud use. There are no limits of size.

23. Disk Inventory:

If you are running out of space with 512 GB of SSD on your Macbook, use the Disk Inventory application to quickly discover large files and folders hanging in space.

24. Soundflower:

If you record audio from Mac, like the sound from the speakers, you need Soundflower to direct the sound to the recording application instead of the speakers.

25. Handbrake:

If you’re trying to convert video from one format to another or need to extract video from a DVD, it’s probably the only tool you need.

26. Torch:

Adds more power to your Mac search Spotlight might look different, add events to your calendar quickly, create reminders, execute terminal commands, and more from Spotlight.

27. Barista:

If you have too many icons that fill your mac’s menu bar, the bartender can place the order. It allows you to hide the menu item you don’t need or send it to the secondary bar that won’t be shown by default.

28. CloudUp:

CloudUp allows you to quickly upload and share local files and screenshots from the menu bar from the company that develops WordPress.

29. QuickCast:

Record and save video files locally or publish them online from any area of your desktop screen. It is also possible to record mouse clicks and sounds.

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